5 Cities That Are Taking Steps to Reduce Air Pollution

According to World Health Organization, 90% of people across the world are exposed to polluted air on a daily basis. Although there are different sources of air pollution, the most common sources include transport, power plants, crop burning, and some other. These activities generate a lot of airborne contaminants that put human life at great risk. According to statistics, every year, about 7 million premature deaths happen due to lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke, to name a few.

Several urban areas are trying to reduce air pollution significantly. For example, they are trying to reduce emissions by putting a ban on fuel-based vehicles. Given below is a description of five cities that are taking great steps to improve the air quality.

1. Paris, France

In Paris, the government has banned the entry of vehicles. In some areas, cars have been banished and the road space has been allocated for pedestrians and trees. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, a significant reduction in Nitrogen dioxide has been noticed. This pollutant is generated by vehicles. And Nitrogen dioxide is responsible for a lot of respiratory issues.

Apart from this, the city has invested more in its bike lane network. Today, the mayor of Paris wants to change the city in a way that only a walker will be able to visit the city. They are trying to make arrangements so that everyone can access all of the amenities after working for 15 minutes at more.

2. Seoul, Republic of Korea

Seoul has run powerful campaigns against air pollution. And these campaigns have made Korea popular across the globe. They are using 5 G-enabled robots to scan all of the industrial complexes to check air quality. Apart from this, the satellite system provides real-time air quality data for the public.

Apart from this, the city leaders have come up with plans to make a “wind path forest” in the Republic of Korea. They are planting trees along roads and rivers for channeling fresh air into the city center.

3. New York City, United States of America

According to the news, New York City is also taken steps to become eco-friendly. For improving air quality, the authorities have announced funding of $1.4 to set up renewable energy projects, such as wind farms and solar plants. This initiative will provide enough energy for more than 400,000 homes.

As a matter of fact, it is the biggest project approved for investment in renewable energy. This project will be completed by 2022.

4. Bogota, Colombia

Because of the covid-19 lockdown, air pollution decreases considerably in Bogota. According to news reports, the city has taken a lot of initiatives for cleaning up the transport sector for good. The government thinks that 70% of the air pollution is generated by vehicles.

5. Accra, Ghana

Accra is the first African city that is taking part in the BreatheLife campaign. This joint campaign has been initiated by the World Health Organisation, the Climate & Clean Air Coalition, World Bank, and UN Environment Programme.

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